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Problems booting FPZ - stefrobrts - 03-30-2018

Hi, I have had my build for a few weeks, no issues until this weekend, when I tried to add more games to it using the flash drive method, and something got corrupted and it would just hang on a white screen. I opened it up and pulled out the MicroSD card and formatted it, burned the new image to it (dated 3/21), and got it all running again, got my games uploaded, and everything was fine for a few days. Then yesterday I turned it on and it brought up the bootup screen with the Raspberry logo, and the text commands scrolling by and it stops on "Started Update UTMP..." and goes no farther. There is no command prompt so I cannot enter anything with a keyboard connected. Is there an easier solution to my problem than wiping it out and starting over?

RE: Problems booting FPZ - Flavor - 03-30-2018

To be honest, I haven't seen this problem before. My first thought is that I wonder if you might have a bad/counterfeit SD card. It's actually a bit crazy how common counterfeit SD cards are. If you got a large card on a place like eBay/Amazon for a good price, there's a fair chance it's fake.

Anyway, that's not for sure, but it's what came to mind based on how it failed for you. Do you have another SD card to try?

RE: Problems booting FPZ - stefrobrts - 03-30-2018

I bought it at a local store, so counterfeit is unlikely, but its certainly possible it just has a problem. Ill pick up a new one this weekend and see if a new card helps.

RE: Problems booting FPZ - Flavor - 03-31-2018

Okay. What size is the SD? How much were you loading it up?