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Hard part's Done! - fcalcada - 04-05-2018

Hey Guys. 
Just in to show some pics of my FPZ build. 
RaspiZero WH, clear grey GBA shell and 2x850mAh batteries (which I still have to fully test and get some definitive autonomy numbers. 


Thanks again Ed for making a truly kickass product. Big Grin


PS: regarding that light bleed on the top right corner that can be seen on one of the pics, could be that the LCD is not actually flush to the case... has anyone of you had this problem?
EDIT: yes, it was. The screen was not flush with the case, that my bad 'cause I "over trimmed" the insides of the shell. a bit of double-sided tape was added to the backplate to (gently) press down on the screen and keep it in place