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Black and Orange CM3 - - 06-04-2018

Had a lot of fun building this and tricking it out a bit. Happy to say L2 and R2 work like a charm (thanks for the help, Flavor)!

Black button caps for X/Y/L2/R2, black start/select buttons, and cart cover are all from Retromodding. I put a little line of crazy glue on the bottom of the battery cover so my Xstander controller clip would have a ridge to grab onto.

Still left to do: integrate bluetooth/wifi dongle internally using USB nanohub, and eventually a PSP analog joystick (would probably move the speaker to free up that space on the front). For now, I can use the Nes30 Pro with the Xstander clip if I need analog joysticks (pictured). Thanks for checking it out!

RE: Black and Orange CM3 - Flavor - 06-07-2018

Wow, you did a lot of awesome work on this one, Eric. That's excellent. I like the NES30Pro attached, too. I haven't seen that mod before. Smile