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HDMI output not working - Darqen - 07-18-2018

I can not get my HDMI to work on my Freeplay CM3, I’ve tried uncommenting things in /boot/config.txt and can’t seem to get it to work.

RE: HDMI output not working - Flavor - 07-19-2018

Have you tried multiple monitor/TVs? We set up the config to work with the majority of displays, but we do run into some that it doesn't like from time to time.

As far as config.txt goes:
The first thing I might try changing is this line
hdmi_drive=1 #Normal DVI mode (No sound) (2 for HDMI with sound)
hdmi_drive=2 #Normal DVI mode (No sound) (2 for HDMI with sound)

Or you could just comment it out like
#hdmi_drive=1 #Normal DVI mode (No sound) (2 for HDMI with sound)

The next one I'd try is changing

See here for the video options:

FYI, after you change /boot/config.txt, you need to reboot (with the HDMI connected to your display) to see any change in the result.