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Freeplay Zero - Lime Green/Black build completed! - Ordinary Vanity - 08-18-2018

[Image: scfbfqi.jpg]

More photos here:

Is that enough showing off Ed? Wink

This build has been really fun and really frustrating at the same time, but it has been worth it. To put this together and have it come out so well is just amazing. Also, your customer service has been beyond fantastic, so thanks again! I look forward to what else you guys have in store. Smile

This build has taken about 3 weeks total. Why such a long time? Well, a lot of time was spent testing the Pi Zero out and figuring out the best settings for emulators. I've found that a frame delay of 2 in RetroArch is perfect for input lag, and does not slow down anything else. I've also got PlayStation games running almost 100%, which to me is just incredible! The rest of my time in this build went to cutting and trimming the shell. I wanted to get it perfect, so I would cut stuff, put the FPZ back together, figure out where things are rubbing/getting caught... I'm glad I did though, because this looks and feels perfect.

Thanks again!

RE: My Freeplay Zero build! - Flavor - 08-22-2018

I think it looks good, but I bet it'll really pop with black buttons. I've heard very mixed results with the dye, but it seems that it only turns out really good for a minority of people. The button kits will be the best, I think.

You should have received the stickers, so I apologize for that. I will email you.