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Super Famicom Build - catswearingties - 08-08-2018

Finished up my SF cm3 over the weekend:

So happy with how it all came out -apart from the usb port. (Remember, measure twice, cut once). Added the extra hole near the power and a hairgrip to jab at the little kill-switch. 
Ended up using this quite a lot as the system tended to crash when sending over large files (ie ffix disk 1-4)
Got a port cover and game cartridge being printed over the next week, so i’ll update when they arrive, (Hopefully it’ll cover up the gap). 
Gotta say, props to Ed for making such a great product, had a lot of fun doin this. (Apart from the scalpel to the thumb at 3am...). Definitely recommend buying a step drill-bit too, made all the difference on the xy holes.

RE: Super Famicom Build - Flavor - 08-17-2018

Man, I think I missed this until just now. Thanks for sharing. It's very nice looking!