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Performance - PSX-N64-PSP - jazzylean - 10-10-2018

Hey Everyone,

Just got the new add-on board and can't wait to get it set up.  The extra buttons and analog sticks give the Freeplay the button equivalent of a dualshock 2, but I want to know how performance on the Freeplay CM3 is for these more complex systems.  Does anyone have any experience running games originally for PSX, N64, and PSP on their freeplay cm3.

Any recommended software or hardware tweaks to get the best performance? 

I appreciate any insight into the issue. Thanks!

RE: Performance - PSX-N64-PSP - Ordinary Vanity - 10-14-2018

Seeing as how it's practically the same as a Pi 3, you can expect to play PSX almost perfectly. N64 is going to struggle, and PSP I doubt you'll see playable frame rates.