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Kernel panic on shutdown - Urre5 - 10-20-2018


I recently got together all the parts and (almost all) tools required to build the Freeplay Zero, so I began following the build instructions which told me to burn the Freeplay Zero image to my SD card and test the raspi Zero with it inserted using an HDMI monitor. It rebooted automatically the first time, which I assume had to do with it resizing the SD card. Second time it got to Emulationstation just fine, and everything appears to work. The only issue is when (using a keyboard connected to the USB port on the raspi Zero) I select shutdown system from the Retropie menu, it ends up at the screen in the attached file and doesn't shut down.

I've tried with two different Raspberry Pi's (one Zero W and one Zero) and two different SD cards (both Kingston 32GB SDHC) multiple times so I doubt it's hardware related, and I've previously used one of the SD cards together with the raspi Zero W and a Retropie image from the Retropie site successfully without the shutdown kernel panic.

Is it possible this kernel panic is expected when it's not yet connected to the Freeplay Zero board?

I used the Freeplay_Zero_18091302 image (retropie 4.4), haven't tried the 4.3 one.

RE: Kernel panic on shutdown - Flavor - 10-23-2018

Hello, Urre5!

Yes, this is actually expected behavior if you are powering the Raspberry Pi Zero directly (not through our Freeplay Zero PCB). The issue is that the software all shuts down and attempts to kill the power but the power remains on. Once you connect the Freeplay Zero to the Pi Zero and power it through the MicroUSB (or battery) on the Freeplay Zero board, then the software can send the signal to the Freeplay hardware to cut the power.

I'm glad you went through the process of testing with HDMI first. Now you know that the rest of it is working properly. I'm sorry that this piece was confusing, though. I'm also sorry that it took me a couple days to reply. I am typically able to reply every weekday, but the weekends are sometimes tough. I didn't see your post until Monday morning.

RE: Kernel panic on shutdown - Urre5 - 10-23-2018

No worries, thanks for clarifying!

I was getting worried because I didn't find any info about this on these forums, retropie or general linux forums/resources. Probably a good idea to update the documentation to say that this is expected.

Looking forward to continuing my build! Now I just need to find some solder with lead, as that's supposedly easier to handle for a newb like myself.

RE: Kernel panic on shutdown - Flavor - 10-24-2018

That’s true, but I think flux is also helpful to get used to using. Maybe look for a 451 flux pen or a small bottle of 451. It’s not necessarily the best stuff, but you don’t have to clean it up when you’re done. Just be sure to have good ventilation if you use flux. You should have good ventilation if you’re using lead (or any) solder also.