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How to delete roms? - Snido - 12-15-2018

OK So maybe this is a newbie question but I haven't been able to find the answer. I can successfully copy roms to my device using the usb stick method. How can I remover a rom which is already on the device?



RE: How to delete roms? - Flavor - 12-15-2018

Hey Snido,

I think the SFTP method mentioned at would be the easiest. You could also use the built-in file manager. I think it's under the RetroPie menu. That would look something like this or

RE: How to delete roms? - Snido - 12-15-2018

I guess for the sftp method. I would need a USB network adapter? I have the cm3.

I did try the built in file manager but had difficulty using it. None of the buttons seemed to do anything besides select a file.  Maybe I could use a USB keyboard to access further functions ?

RE: How to delete roms? - Flavor - 12-18-2018

Yeah, I think you might want a USB keyboard to do the file manager. If you wanted to to SFTP, you'd need a USB WiFi or Ethernet dongle/adapter.

RE: How to delete roms? - Ordinary Vanity - 12-21-2018

I'm not sure if it actually removes the file or not, but you can also press Select on the ROM you want to delete in EmulationStation, and just click on Delete.