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RE: Purple clear custom layout - Porcinus - 11-22-2019

Positions are based on the motherboard pads, not the shell it.
Green for the original pads, purple for the modified ones

For the images size:

purple abxy mod.png : 1x1 inch (25.4x25.4 mm)
purple dpad mod.png : 1x2 inch (25.4x50.8 mm)

Sorry for the pretty low images size, I can only do it that way via screenshot :S

RE: Purple clear custom layout - KnightmareZz - 05-27-2020

Hi Porcinus,
first of all, great work. I'm currently also trying to do a custom layout and was wondering if you still have the DXF files of yours and are willing to share it? Would help me out a lot.  Smile

RE: Purple clear custom layout - Porcinus - 05-27-2020

Thanks Wink

ABXY (Old revision motherboard) :

For the colors:
Red : Inner/Outer PCB border.
Green : Traces.
Purple : Original Pads.

I hope this will help you Wink