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External display question - Bedwyr - 05-04-2019

Is there a way to switch display and resolution once you have an HDMI display plugged into the system? I see here: that you can set this for boot time, but there isn't a way to disable the internal display and adjust to HDMI output from the command line once booted?

RE: External display question - Flavor - 05-04-2019

I think, if I get what you're asking, you want to use the 'tvservice' command.

This could give a bit of background, too.

Disabling the LCD might require a bit more info. You can disable the framebuffer copy process and then turn off the backlight. What LCD driver are you using?

RE: External display question - Bedwyr - 05-05-2019

I don't have to turn off the LCD, it's just that the LCD resolution propagates to HDMI external so that the display is blurry and blocked off screen.

RE: External display question - Flavor - 05-07-2019

Actually, the HDMI gets copied (and downscaled) to the LCD. You should be able to use that tvservice command (or the /boot/config.txt settings) to get a better HDMI resolution if you don't care about how the LCD looks.