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Super Famicom CM3 Build - Slow Catalyst - 05-21-2019

I finished this one up around I think March, and finally got around to posting it here.

Went with the soldered rubber buttons and corrected the overall system's button colors of the GBA Super Famicom set. Not a fan of the Green/Blue L and R, so that had to go immediately. I took as many cues from the SFC controller as I could.
Also installed are the L2 R2 buttons and fan assembly.

Nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to a full fledged CM3 build. Just haven't really seen many others tackle an SFC theme with close detail to the original. Still need to sand the faces of the buttons, but this does very well for now.


RE: Super Famicom CM3 Build - Porcinus - 05-21-2019

Beautiful colors Wink

RE: Super Famicom CM3 Build - Flavor - 05-21-2019

I think this is a build that really resonates with people! Thanks for posting!