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Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Slow Catalyst - 05-21-2019

Just finished this guy up yesterday, featuring BoxyPixel's Aluminum CM3 shell.

It's also said to not work with a Zero, but got one put in there just fine with no fabrication done to the board or BP shell- only a custom backplate needs to be made to fit the little bit that the Zero sticks out. I'll get around to adding those pictures with the FreePlay Zero kit in the BoxyPixel shell later to this thread.

I used the completely clear glass lens from RetroModding, and plan to do my own bezel cut from vinyl- just haven't gotten to that bit yet.

RE: Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Porcinus - 05-21-2019

There aluminum shell is really intriguing to me, what is the surface finish?

RE: Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Slow Catalyst - 05-21-2019

It's really smooth. I'm not sure what treatments were done to it after the machining, but I do know that these- as of right now- are not anodized.

I'd LOVE a deep red anodized shell with gold or copper buttons to do an Iron Man build.

Going to throw some surface mount LED's in the back to give it a subtle glow. It looks really bad ass when charging, and just by the little bit of blue ambient light given off by the charging light. Some really cool effects can be done with this.

Over all, I really like it. The added viewport space for the true 4:3 is a definite plus right out of the box.

RE: Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Flavor - 05-21-2019

I like the added touch of the keychains in the windows there!

RE: Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Urya - 05-21-2019

Where'd you get your buttons? I heard regular ones won't fit in the Boxy Pixel case.

RE: Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Flavor - 05-22-2019

(05-21-2019, 09:13 PM)Urya Wrote: Where'd you get your buttons? I heard regular ones won't fit in the Boxy Pixel case.

That's a great question, Urya. I think that Slow Catalyst said elsewhere that you can get the plastic buttons to work if you trim them properly. It'd be great to see that process if you have photos of them, Slow Catalyst.

I also like your idea of an Iron Man build. That'd be awesome. I heard that Boxy Pixel is working on anodizing shells. I know he has done it for some of his other shells. It'll be interesting to see what options he has when they're ready.

And, by the way, Urya, I think that the L2/R2 addon stuff is the main reason Boxy Pixel made a removable back plate on the shell. I expect that there will be some plans for a different back option or _maybe_ plans to 3D print different configurations.

RE: Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 - Slow Catalyst - 06-23-2019

Didn't need to modify the buttons at all- I just sanded down the faces of the stock grey A and B buttons, and they fit in there just fine.

I aim to do a custom bezel with my Cricut vinyl cutter as well. Trying to get the dimensions for the bezel just right is proving to be a tad bit of a challenge, lol.