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PSX BIOS - Xsicht83 - 06-02-2019


i have some problems with starting my PSX Games. When i click on the game it starts in a Blackscreen, than im Back in the Retroarch menĂ¼.

i have the BIOS Files in the retropie BIOS Folder.

thanks for your Help.

RE: PSX BIOS - GameBro Advance - 06-04-2019

Have you tried putting the BIOS files into the same folder where the ROMs are?

Also, try launching the ROMs using a .cue file instead of going directly to the binary. PSX games are kind of a pain this way. Many require .cue files, which are basically just header files which list the disc contents. This Github project has a collection of .cue files:

RE: PSX BIOS - Flavor - 06-04-2019

GameBro Advance is right. Some emulators want their BIOS file in the BIOS directory and some want it in the same directory as the ROMs. I assume his suggestion will fix your problem.