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Case screws - kharntiitar - 07-12-2019

I ordered a case that didn’t come with screws. 

from what I can find after much searching online, the normal case screws are around 2mm, but have a fairly wide thread.

I have some m2 screws lying about, but don’t want to damage the screw posts, or have it fall apart on me in a week’s time. And then have to wait for delivery and rebuild from scratch..,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if the m2 screws will be fine or if I should order from somewhere (looking like a minimum 2 week wait to Australia) ... or alternately if someone could tell me a model of a correct screw size that I can use, and I can try to source locally?

Thanks in advance,


RE: Case screws - Flavor - 07-12-2019

I would look for M2 x 6mm pan head self-tapping screws. We often supply a few of those with our kits. They work well for the plastic shells. They are not the same size as those that would come with a GBA-style shell, but they seem to work well.

We have some, but I think you could find them locally for cheaper/faster (than the shipping to Australia).

RE: Case screws - kharntiitar - 07-12-2019

Thanks very much for the reply!!

I have a selection of M2 Torx (I think self tapping as well) from 3-10mm, so if M2 pan head works, the Torx head shouldn't be an issue Smile