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USB-C charging on a freeplay cm3 build? - Sdsviet - 09-02-2019

Did a search and nothing showed up. I’m just trying to get as much info as I can before I go ahead with my build. Have anyone modded the freeplay cm3 board to run off of usb-c instead of the micro usb? Is it as simple as removing the micro USB port and soldering in a usb-c port? Or do you need like extras like a resistor or capacitor? Electrical stuff is not my forte. I will assume usb-c will pull a lot more power if given and am wondering if the board on the freeplay cm3 can handle all of that or not. I know there are power restrictions on the micro USB port itself so I assume it is regulated for that?

RE: USB-C charging on a freeplay cm3 build? - Flavor - 09-04-2019

The Freeplay Zero and Freeplay CM3 are not set up to handle USB-C.

It's not as simple as replacing one port with the other. There is additional hardware that's required to interface with the USB-C power supply.

We have looked at some USB-C to MicroUSB adapters, but they don't even properly follow the spec sometimes, so we can't recommend using any particular one. You're right that USB-C can supply more power and it can supply different voltages. The hardware needs to be made specifically for USB-C to handle it properly.