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New experimental image 4.6 CM3 - baher4ever - 06-22-2020

I’ve got a new SD card 64 GB and wanted to customize it with larger group of roms
I decided to install the latest freeplay Rom image based on retropie 4.6 but really was not a good experience and will have to go back to latest stable build after the bugs I faced
The main issue is that the hotkey is not working
I cannot exit from games
I assigned the hotkey as the power button “button 12”
Trying to exit any game i do like the way i was doing in my previous build slide the power button then press start but nothing happens
So frustrated with this issue
Is there a solution for this?
How to get rid of the menu that appears before starting a game saying press a button to configure as it didnt appear in my previous build
Also the boot time is more than the older version
What actually are the benefits of this new image?