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Just another GBA. - Schubaltz - 01-24-2021

Just my new obsession of 2001. Thanks Flavor for all your help. So it's boxypixel aluminum case, silver aluminum buttons, red triggers and buttons. Also did the 4-Pack Of Soft Feel-Rubber-Nipple Square. Which is anyone hasn't done that I would it made the feel of ABXY feel so good. Also got my little travel back and my 7" IPS monitor for the road if a friend wants to play.

RE: Just another GBA. - Flavor - 01-26-2021

Nice. I like the pink accents!

RE: Just another GBA. - Schubaltz - 01-31-2021

thanks, its really red but my phone camera sucks ha ha ha.

RE: Just another GBA. - Flavor - 02-03-2021

That's funny! I definitely like black/red, but I thought the pink was a neat look.