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Adding a new hot key / button - BrayBray - 05-26-2022

Hi, trying to add a switch thumbstick and was wanting to use the middle click as a hot key so I wouldn’t have to flip the power switch to achieve that the #41 data pin is open because I’m using the l2 r2 single thumbstick board can I use that with a short to ground to make a new hot key?

RE: Adding a new hot key / button - Flavor - 05-26-2022

Yeah. You can.

RE: Adding a new hot key / button - Flavor - 05-27-2022

If you have any questions about how to implement/configure it, let us know.

Depending on what you're wanting to achieve, you may want to change the "hotkey mode" setting in the config. That was developed for the power button (so you wouldn't have to hold the power button). Anyway, if you just add a new button (which that centerclick joystick would be), then you don't really need to do anything extra. You just add that 41 in the config file, and in the RetroPie menu CONFIGURE INPUTS. At the end, it asks for the hotkey, and you'd just tap the centerclick.

For anyone else that cares, you can always, easily do the same with the SELECT button. The problem is that (on the GBA setup) SELECT is super close to START and it's really easy to accidentally hit both when you're trying to hit either one. Then you'd exit the game and lose your unsaved progress.