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SRAM Save Patcher - dylanorange - 06-24-2022

Hi guys.  So I recently heard from another user that if you don't use the FlashMasta menu, you get better game compatibility.  That was what it took for me to decide to buy a WonderSwan Flash Masta.

After I received it, I soon realized though that I wasn't able to import my save be it from retroarch, Oswan, etc to the Flash Cart using the official Flash Masta software.  After some reverse engineering I learned that the save needs to be at the exact correct hex position in SRAM for it to be read by the flashcart.  Unfortunately for me I don't know where that save position is.  However I discovered a work around where if you just duplicate the save you want to use into itself until the file reaches 4MBs then it works.

So with this logic I made a really simple utility for patching saves so that the official Flash Masta software will take them.

I'm not exactly sure if this works in conjunction with the "Menu ROM" but I imagine it does.  There's some more details in the readme.  Good luck.