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Samurai Shodown RPG NGPC
History: Since I've been fooling around with translating Biomotor Unitron 2 and Ogre Battle (go see for the most up to date releases), I found myself more ready to take on actual hacking, outside of NES and Gameboy hacks.

My thought was combining SS and SS2 for NGPC with Evolution for NGPC and turn Evolution into an SS RPG of sorts.

My hardest issue now is pixel design, as I'm terrible with it. You'll see what I tried to do for the initial screen. I copied the tiles from SS2 and placed them in the Evolution Rom. I used the onboard tools of TilEd 2000 0.64 to quickly remove "2" from the logo. "PRESS A BUTTON" now flashes when at the title screen. The logo alone took me hours, because of the way tilesets are in sprite based video games.... wow... it's a bitch to find them all and then return them to the proper spot.

It's silly I know, but I think it might turn out kinda neat. I'll upload characters as well, once I find them in the rom itself.

Details: The release will start with me finding out how to design and recreate the 1) SS characters, 2) their portraits, 3) In-Game "cutscenes" and 4) monsters and their portraits. This will be released on Flavor's site and in the future. I want to get going on Bio Motor 2 and finish it, but I'd like to mess around with this too.

FYI: This is not going to start out "beautiful", so give me a break. lol

Initial Pictures:
[Image: ssrpg.png]

[Image: 29353303.png]

[Image: evolcv.png]

coming soon...

character screens and moving around with him.
I don't understand this very much, it's a really rare project x_D but good luck
I'm hacking the game Evolution to play using Samurai Shodown Characters and editing the storyline.
I hope that eventually we will see some ambitious homebrew games like this for the NGPC. Pier Solar on the Mega Drive showed that homebrew developers can make ace games that are just as good, or better, than commercial products from back in the day.

It sounds like a lot of work though. I certainly would not be able to do it.
Did anything ever hapen with this?

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