EmulationStation: Press up to go to the last item (menu loop)
Since I use my Freeplay CM3 to actually play stuff, I found it very inconvenient to turn the thing off quickly.
And since I don' t know of any suspend methods, like I explained in this thread: https://forum.freeplaytech.com/showthread.php?tid=4620
i though I'd made it less pain in the ass do shut the thing down.

What I found very inconvenient is that pressing up did not do anything when the first list item was selected, so when the start button was pressed in ES.
I would have expected it to go to "Quit". Same thing for the next menu, where I would like to press up to go to "Shutdown".

In the end 13 button presses are required to shutdown from ES, where it can be optimized down to 6 presses with this quite usable solution.

So I digged into the ES code and found this behavior to be implemented already, just not configured by default.

So I made this patch for ES that changes that, you can +1 it if you want to see this upsteam:

If you want to test the patch NOW, then you can use my installer script

Just copy the emulationstation-loop.sh file on your sd card to /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/scriptmodules/supplementary.
You will be able to compile my branch by selecting Experimental -> emulationstation-loop from the retropie setup.
The build was quite quick on my CM3, it will most probably take longer on the zero. 
So make sure you have your charger plugged, the build process drains quite on the battery and makes the thing hot.

Have fun shutting down quickly.
There is a process that we install on the Freeplay Zero/CM3 SD image that monitors the POWER button. If it's held for 4-seconds, the machine should shut down. It can be made shorter, if you like.

See https://github.com/TheFlav/Freeplay-Supp..._daemon.py

The script also handles the low-battery signal.
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Thanks, I will try setting this to 2, but I will need to use start+select in RetroArch instead of the power button as menu key, to not shut down by accident Smile

I would also like the menu situation to change, but upstream EmulationStation is making things complicated. See the merge request for more on this.

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