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How many tiles the NGP can handle at same time ?
It would have been nice to have them treated as 2 completely separate SN76489s. I gather that the Game Gear variant has hard stereo planning (maybe all left or all right on a channel?), but in NGP we have fine control over it. We can set 15 volume levels for each channel for left and right independently, so we can get some nice effects from that. Otherwise, having the noise channel's pitch set independently from tone channel 3's pitch is pretty nice. I had been composing SMS tunes for use on NGP and found the relationship between those two channels kind of frustrating to the point that I would usually just use one or the other.

Otherwise, now that I'm able to compose directly for NGP in Furnace, I notice the T6W28 has a larger range of notes it can hit, below and above what the SN76489 can do.
I was apparently wrong about how many tiles there are in tile ram. A newer version of vdmgr than I had been using has a visualizer for tile ram. I noticed it was showing 512 tiles in tile ram and commercial games are definitely utilizing them.

I don't know if this was just my misunderstanding and misuse of how tiles are handled in the C framework or if they're legitimately not handling more than 255 (due to using u8 instead of u16).

There are definitely 256 total tiles available and I can see how a sprite and scroll planes are assigned to tiles for numbers higher than 255.

Edit: Apparently it was just a misunderstanding on my part thinking the limit was 256 tiles. The functions in the C framework do appear to support values up to 511 (so 512 when 0 is included).

Edit 2: I see in the Ahchay tutorial that it mentions that the tile limit is 256:
That was my starting point and I never questioned it.

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