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All things homebrew and scene.
Since we can't have a separate sub-forum for homebrew with nothing in it, I figured I'd start with a few links to both fun and dev stuff.

- > - Demoscene Portal

The link will take you directly to the Neo Geo Pocket subcategory. There's not much there, but at least it's not completely empty. A music compilation with tunes extracted from various games and compiled into one nice player, a music tracker with Neo Geo support, the Napalm demo in two verions and the Cotton trainer by Capital.

- > - All things Public Domain

Again, the link will take you to the Neo Geo Pocket section, but PDRoms collects just about everything that is homebrew / public domain for any platform. This archive is absolutely huge, with too many things to list. Just click on the link and browse away.

- > NeoGeoPocket Dev'rs - Console Development

If you're interested in developing for the Neo Geo Pocket, this is a good place to start. Documents, tutorials, useful tools, etc. The website has sections dedicated to other handhelds as well.

- > Flavor's NGPC Page

Here you can still download PocketSend, as well as Flavor's multi-ROM menu and some homebrew compilations. The website also links to GameBoy and GameBoy Advance development sections with a handful of mini-games.

- > Darkfader's NGPC Page

Darkfader's webpage is packed with information and resources for all possible consoles. Here's the Neo Geo Pocket section, with some tools, such as his PokeLink.

- > No Frills patch archive

If you're looking for a fix, a patch or a trainer for a handheld game, No Frills might just have what you're looking for. While the Game Boy sections are huge, the one dedicated to Neo Geo Pocket is rather unimpressive, but here you'll find some things that you might not find elsewhere, like Capital's Pac-Man trainer or the [unfinished] Rockman: Battle and Fighters translation.

- > NGP Masterlist

While not homebrew related, I figured I'd list it, as long as I'm posting links. The name says it all. Every released game, with serial numbers, developers and just about everything else listed. They even listed all of the pirate compilations and canned titles.

- > Thor's Dev Website

A great resource for developers, providing tools and documents not only for NGP development, but also GP32, Wiz, PlayStation and Java. Most of Thor's Neo Geo Pocket productions come with the source code, which is a huge help for beginners.

- > Emu-Docs

The Neo Geo Pocket section at Emu-Docs. Some dev info plus patent documents for both the console and cartridges. Unfortunately, some links are dead, since the files weren't hosted but rather linked off-site.

- > Yahoo! Neo Geo Pocket mailing list

Another great resource for anyone thinking of creating homebrew for the NGPC is this mailing list. It hasn't been very active lately, but it used to be THE place to ask development related questions.

PLEASE NOTE - The link had to be shortened with TinyURL, because it contained square brackets and was messing with the BB code. Also, there are NO ILLEGAL GAME IMAGES in any of the links.

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