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Rave Hunter
I have WonderWitch files for this game [original package, with extensive gameplay info in a HTML file, with plenty of images], but I've never seen it in action. Great tunes! I wonder how this video was made. I tried running it in the emulator, but it wasn't able to run any color games, or at least it didn't run the ones I tried.

Just to be sure, I tried running it right now, but after I confirm the argument, the emulator screen shows two grey, horizontal bars, and that's it. The Rave Hunter package contains one *.fx file and one *.il file. The rest is "readme" stuff. Any idea how to get it running?

Edit: I'm also curious why there was no official release. If it was a tie between Dicing Knight and Rave Hunter, why was Dicing Knight the only game which saw a commercial release? Scoring a release deal was the whole point of the competition.

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