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How friendly is homebrew development
I bought one from a gamestore maybe in 03...bundle packed with like 6 games.

I initially was wondering about backlit hardware hacks, but didn't get anywhere. I don't have the skills and I end up breaking things.

So I was thinking that'd be cool if you could use the ext port to program the ram (ram fill and reboot), similar to a propeller chip..but I figure that isn't a feature of the ngpc...

so I looked up ngpc dev...saw the flashcart post from the 3rd I think...
Then I thought... I don't know c..I don't know z80 or the main cpu.
or asm or pipeline stuff.

Compared to other systems how hard is it to fickle around with?
I'll read the instruction set and specs later. Just wondering if its...not worth dumping 130$ to have something that is out of my league.

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How friendly is homebrew development - by IncVoid - 06-10-2013, 10:14 AM

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