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NGPC video output, screen improvement?
I wanted to ask if somebody is working/worked in some kind of video output for the NGPC. I remember seeing pictures of somebody who attached a ribbon cable to were the screen was and getting a TV output.

The other thing is the screen itself, does anybody figured out the ribbon connections? I was looking at those gameboy advance ones that have back light or some other new one that they sell for cheap on ebay. If there was a way to make it work on the NGPC would be great!

Also with the existing front light mod provided by Xian Xi, has someone worked on how to get more or less contrast or color?

I am very limited in my technical skills but I can distinguish components and do soldering. I do have some boards that display pic but not sound. I can collaborate with somebody who knows more about it to do trials or whatever to make it a nice upgrade for the NGPC community.

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NGPC video output, screen improvement? - by GERA - 03-03-2012, 04:11 AM

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