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back collecting for ngpc!!!
Had one back when they launched in uk with puzzle bobble, turf masters and motm.
Sadly let it go a few years later Undecided Recently got back into retro collecting after selling my entire retro collection in 2010 to go travelling for a year grrr!
Anyway sorry to ramble!
I have the following so far:
Carbon ngpc
kof rd2
samurai showdown 2
fatal fury cib
puyo pop
turf masters
metal slug 1st
pac man cib
pocket tennis color cib
neo geo cup 98 + cib

Trying to collect as many clamshell uk as I can, but its proving tougher than expected and costlier! All my games are uk versions, anyone know anywhere I can find empty boxes would help (and proper box scans, not the ds box ones) so I can have them all looking lovely on the shelf!
I forgot how good a system this was back in the day and am loving recollecting now!

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