Advance wars save game, anyone test it ?
(03-07-2017, 12:53 AM)sixbras Wrote: Thanks a lot for your help. This week-end i patch my Roms and it work just fine now.

By the way it's necessary to perform a clean exit (hotkey + B) to return to the main retropie menu to "validate" the save. If you don't, and just power off , with a long press on power button, save is not available.
Same issue with zelda "link to the past" for exemple.

Is it a standard behaviour, or do i miss something ?

Well, one "problem" with RetroPie is that nothing is quite "standard behavior" because it is a collection of emulators. Most were written by different people, so there is not quite a standard for this type of thing.

What is likely happening is that the emulator caches your save. It doesn't actually close/write the file until shutdown. I think you would find that some emulators do write immediately, but I can't say for sure.

Yes, I would just recommend that you exit the emulator before shutting down the GPA. In fact, if you made it a habit to use the software shutdown option, that might help you to always exit the emulator first.
[Main Menu -> Start Button -> Quit -> Shutdown System]
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