undervoltage issue?
I will try to answer your questions:
  • FPZ board GPIO solder looks good
  • I can't run the Pi by itself-> no HDMI adapter
  • sometimes I plug a wireless keyboard (but this does not affect the performance)
  • I'm using Wifi at the moment
  • I disabled Bluetooth

  • Is there an indicator for undervoltage through SSH (python script, log....?)
    I wrote/copied a python script to listen on pin35. It should be triggered if voltage drops low. It tells me that the pin is already in use... I think the FPZ board is overriding the default behaviour

  • Is there a way to disable wifi via RetroPie menu? (via settings... simple PORTS application ... etc?)
    I know, wifi can be disabled throught /boot/config.txt like I did with Bluetooth. But that is not comfortable... plugging a keyboard to enable/disable wifi (or disable via SSH). I will turn off Wifi later when setup is completed

My current solution:
I reassembled my FPZ yesterday. My GPIO headers on the PiZero had a little gap (<1mm), fixed it. I filed the spacers, to reduce the angle between FPZ board and PiZero. Now my FPZ runs smoothly with overclocking, enabled wifi and attached wireless keyboard. But my questions (see above) are still relevant

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