lr-gpsp not (only partially) working
I can't load any GBA rom with lr-gpSP. My bios file is valid, I tested it!

what I know so far:
  • gpSP (without lr-) is working fine, but it's not optimized for retroarch (no hotkeys)
  • lr-mgba is no option, the PiZero is not powerfull enough
  • lr-vba-next is not supported on PiZero
    I modified the retropie-setup script to install it anyway -> PiZero is not powerfull enough...
  • lr-gpSP can't load any rom -> black screen -> back to menu (attention: only if lr-gpSP is started through emulationstation menu)
  • lr-gpSP works when started through retroarch !!!
    - run retroarch from retropie menu
    - setup correct path to libretro cores
    - load core -> select lr-gpsp
    - load content -> select GBA rom file
    - its working!!! nice performance (slowdowns are rare) - but why  Huh
How can I fix it to work throught emulationstation menu? Is it an FPZ/FPCM3 issue?

In some posts from other forums dynarec (dynamic recompiler) was mentioned as a problem... 
After I launched lr-gpSP (and loaded a game) directly through retroarch, I disabled dynarec and stored (overwrite) the settings for the core AND game.
Now, I tried to launch lr-gpSP from emulationstation... my changes had no effect... still black screen and fallback to the menu... so I think dynarec is not the problem (or maybe my settings are not loaded correctly). It would be illogical if dynarec depends on the launching method...

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