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Boots to retropie splash then shuts off
* How long does a typical charge cycle for a 1000maH battery last? 

-The MCP73871 Lipo charger is configured on the Freeplay board to charge at a rate of 500mA which is also what is recommend for the Lipo batteries sold on the Freeplay Tech website. At the current configuration a 1000mAh battery will take about 2hrs to go from fully depleted to charged.

** What is the charge current/voltage going through the board to the battery ports?

-The MCP73871 is the 2CC/ML version which is preset to charge the battery to 4.2V. The charge rate is 500mA,

*** If it takes significantly longer, might the batteries be faulty?

-It is possible to have faulty batteries however it depends on how depleted they are. Verify the voltage is greater than 2.4V

*** Does that simply double with two batteries or is it split between ports?

-Yes, the time it takes to charge is doubled with two batteries.  

*** How do I even tell that my battery cells are charging?

-If the batteries are wired correctly then when only the blue light is showing on the back, then the battery should be charging.  Measure battery voltage and it should be increasing towards 4.2V

* What is the recommended current/voltage supplied by the power supply/charger to reach ideal results?

-The best results via the micro usb charge port is 5.1 to 5.2V

I am currently powering the board with two batteries connected from a phone charger with 5,2V / 2A output. No idea what is actually being put throug or what I would need.

-That should work great for charging the batteries.

You must have some recommendations or experiences of what type of charger (voltage/current) works fine with the board.

I would also love to have some way to verify that the batteries I have are just not duds and I need to get new ones. I was on that wild goose chase because of the two back LEDs lighting at once so I thought they at least charged but now I've had both of them hooked up and I still don't see a green light. Is there anything you can share about how to measure if a LiPo cell is actually dead?

-You can measure the batteries and at the least they should be 2.4V but ideally above 2.9V. I would connect the batteries and charger, and monitor if the voltage goes up. If it the voltage doesn’t go up then your batteries might be damage. They will take a long to go up in voltage if they are heavily depleted due to the lipo charger trickle charges in what the datasheet calls a “precondition” to make sure the batteries is ok before if turns on the full charge rate.  

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