LCD options: AGS-101 Vs Stock LCD
Hey again, wabbit4two!

The included LCD was chosen because, for most of our parameters, it's the only one that works for this project.  The physical size of the LCD is the #1 concern here.  We really don't have much wiggle room on that.  The LCD itself is actually larger than the viewable area of the GBA, so we could use a slightly smaller LCD, but we haven't found one that fits better.

Most of our early design decisions were centered around the Freeplay Zero.  To use the Pi Zero with audio ouput, GPIO buttons, an SPI LCD was the best choice.  In fact, there are no extra pins left available on the Pi Zero after we hook everything up.

It was also a priority design goal of ours to be able to use HDMI and the built-in LCD at the same time.  The current LCD gives us that ability, because it can run at the same time as HDMI.  I believe a DPI screen cannot work in that configuration.

After proving the Freeplay Zero design, we moved to the Freeplay CM3.  It gives us more options, but I still believe that it's very important to keep some of the design consistent across versions.  The LCD is (in theory) one place we could look into new options, but it still remains that the current LCD physically fits best in the shell.  

I do think that we may very well move to a DPI LCD (for the CM3) if we ever build our own shell.  That would remove the physical size requirement, and give us more wiggle room on options to design around.  Currently, we have to pick an LCD that fits instead of something we can design around.

I hope that all makes sense.

Also, I do believe that your config.txt options may be worth moving to for the Freeplay CM3.  We can have different options for the 0 or CM3 for that stuff.  The 80000000 speed setting works well on both the Zero and CM3, but I think we should try your settings and maybe apply them to the CM3 only.

In addition to those settings, you may also want to explore the settings in /boot/freeplayfbcp.cfg
They should look like this:

For the CM3, you could experiment with the FREEPLAY_FPS setting.  That is setting how many times per second the fbcp program will try to copy the HDMI output to the LCD screen.  You may also find that setting the FREEPLAY_SCALE_TO_VIEWPORT option to 0 could give you a minor update increase, too.
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