Changing aspect ratios non retroarch emulators?
Hi, first time poster, but have been looking around the forums before and since building my freeplay zero! I am really pleased with it! So thanks to everyone who has made this project possible!

I just wondered if there is a way to change aspect ratios, for emulators other than retroarch? I saw somebody mention stuttering issues, and I have been experiencing them as well. The GBA emulator wouldn't open gpsp without bios, so mgba was very stuttery. But I have found that games seem to run better using gpsp without the liberato core... the snes emulators as well stuttered a bit, but I fixed this by using pisnes emulator (again without liberato core/retro arch.) I don't mind keeping the 4:3 aspect ratio for snes. But for gba games I get a black border top and bottom (suggesting 16:9?) using gpsp (not lr-gpsp.) Is there a way to stretch the image to fit the gba screen?

Thanks, Rob

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Changing aspect ratios non retroarch emulators? - by Rob.c - 05-08-2018, 01:28 AM

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