Changing aspect ratios non retroarch emulators?
Hi RxBrad,

I'm glad switching to pisnes helped you out! As you found out the hotkeys are start + select to quit, you can use select + L or R to load/save too.

As a side note, is it possible to add the on/off switch as the hot key in pisnes? I don't know what button the on/off switch would correspond too?
EDIT: on/off = button 8

I'd also try gpsp (non liberato) out as well - (I think you need gba bios too, if you haven't already got it,) as I think it performs better than the liberato version. If you try it, start and select are bound to y and x respectively. If you press y + r that brings up a menu so you can bind start and select to the actual buttons. Haven't been able to figure out how to add hot keys for quick save and quick load yet.

I mainly wanted to change the gpsp (non liberato) aspect ratio, as I don't mind snes being 4:3. But I'll have a look with the info you posted as it's a start! Searching yesterday, I didn't know where to look, couldn't find much searching for gpsp and retropie - so, thank you! Do you know how to change other emulators (liberato) aspect ratio? Is it the same code as above but 1 instead of 0? I know what I mean lol

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