After update, gamepad stops working [Freeplay Zero]
I’ve finished a very fine Freeplay Zero build, and it’s booting from the most current (6/25) Freeplay Zero image fine. Games play, everything works as it should.

However, after updating RetroPie (from the setup script from shell after exiting Emulation Station) on reboot I totally lose access to the gamepad.

On reboot, once Emulation Station comes up the no gamepad buttons/controls work. 

I can shell in, and using the setup script I’ve tried deleting the controller configs and even replacing the custom Freeplay gamepad config files without luck. I get the no controller detected screen on reboot but it doesn’t recognize any buttons.

Also I’m doing a A-B button only setup (I snipped off the X-Y buttons), but the XY spots seem clear of any obstruction in the shell.

I reflash and everything works again, until I update.

Any ideas?

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After update, gamepad stops working [Freeplay Zero] - by swallick - 07-02-2018, 06:25 AM

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