Post-Build Setup & Tuning
Hey Everyone,

I wanted to start a thread here to discuss a topic I haven't found too much info on; setting up your Freeplay after you've built it.  

I have a few specific questions on what to do with my Freeplay CM3 now that I've finished building, but wanted to create this thread for others to ask questions about setting up their Freeplay's as well.

The main issue I've been having has been adding ROMS to my freeplay.  When I boot my freeplay, I get the retropie configuration screen and access to the menus.  I've followed the guide for formating a USB drive, adding a 'retropie' folder, plugging it into my freeplay to get the ROMS folder, copying ROMS to this folder, and plugging it back in my freeplay; but upon rebooting emulation station, I cannot find the systems or roms I added.  

Are there other steps I missed?  Is there additional setup I need to do on my Freeplay CM3 before I can add ROMS?  

Additionally, are there any other set up steps or settings to tune to get the most out of my Freeplay CM3?

Thanks in advance! I'm loving how supportive and helpful this community is!

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