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Need help with other emulators and configurations
Hi, thank you for replying on short notice!

GBA emulation doesn't concern me too much, but i'll look into it, thank you.

Actually, i did manage to improve the performance a bit by overclocking the Pi Zero W. Nothing out of the ordinary really (arm_freq 1000, core_freq 500, gpu_freq 500, over_voltage 2), but it did improve on SNES emulation, but honestly it's not satisfying yet. Still a lot of audio hick-ups and visual stuttering at times. The NES emulation remains the same, not too bad, but high pitched audio, or rather sped up gameplay is still unaltered. Gathering some more info i found out the Pi Zero runs an older cpu than the Pi2 and Pi3, therefore in general needing other emulators in many cases, i don't know if that's right. But maybe the differences, like the ones i experience in NES emulation opposed to my Pi2, is caused by the difference in CPU?

I'll see if i can tweak some more and get some performance gain by doing so. If not, i'll look into the other image. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high coming from a Pi2/Pi3 retropie platform which runs amazingly well...  Confused

Thank you again, for replying.  Smile

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