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Bung Neo Geo Pocket Linker Software (UFO, MrFlash, etc.)
I decided to put this up here as an archive, because I just recently tried to find NGPC_WIN.exe online, and it was very difficult. If anyone is messing around with Bung's (aka UFO, Mr. Flash) parallel port linker, here are some software options.

Bung's Original NGPC_WIN.exe

PocketSend with MultiROM Menu (original PocketSend page here)
PocketSend v1.0 with separate MultiRom Menu
PocketSend v2.0 Beta
PocketSend v2.5beta
PocketSend v2.5

DarkFader's PokeLink and JeffF's port (original and
PokeLink v1.1
PokeLink Source
PokeLink v1.01j2 (modified by JeffF for Linux)
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation ( )
Neo Geo Pocket Flash Cart and Linker Project ( )
Avatar art thanks to Trev-Mun ( )

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Bung Neo Geo Pocket Linker Software (UFO, MrFlash, etc.) - by Flavor - 03-09-2012, 01:40 AM

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