Tips and tricks for Pixel Perfect emulation?
(12-01-2018, 11:20 AM)Mootikins Wrote: I'm fairly sure that was me! Unfortunately though, I am aware of no way to easily setup pixel perfect emulation.

I accomplished it by cutting away more of the shell (specifically the area under the glass cover) and some of the inside so I could align the screen correctly. Then I configuredĀ a version of the high-speed display driver without borders and changed settings in RetroArch on a per-emulator basis.

I think juj (the original author of the driver) had some settings on the github page ( I believe) and talked about making NES pixel perfect without cutting away the shell.

Damn, wish it was easier. Thanks for the prompt response, Mootikins.

I have currently set the retroarch video options without bilinear filtering and am using the sharp-bilinear-simple for all emulators. Image is almost perfectly crisp, so it already gives a really good feel of what pixel perfect would be on this beast.


One can only dream.

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