Reducing CPU load with display driver?
(12-22-2018, 05:24 AM)Mootikins Wrote: Hi again!

Yes, you do indeed have to remake the binary and move it where it needs to be (naturally renaming the old one so you don't lose it).

Your best bet would be to read through the GitHub's Installation Section and look through the settings to find the ones that you need. I think they are -DFREEPLAYTECH_WAVESHARE32B=ON and -DSPI_BUS_CLOCK_DIVISOR=6. Just comment out all those lines with '//' and try a rebuild. I unfortunately don't have a unit with a Zero atm (Christmas vacation) to test and try a build myself, but I don't remember any of us seeing stutters in SNES which is where we did most of our testing.

I'm not sure why only NES and PSX would not have the stutter, so good luck! If you are still having trouble after the holidays I may try my hand at building a binary and see what happens.

My first thought was that maybe the Exp_Zero driver was actually not using DMA, because the No_DMA driver behaves exactly the same. I'm gonna try removing everything, re-installing, and see what happens from there. If that has no effect, I'll try to build another binary. Thanks for the help!

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