Freeplay CM3 Slim with shoulder button upgrades
I disassembled PS Vita 1000 and PS Vita 2000 joystick and found some "weird" thinks:

PS Vita 1000: Use hall effect sensors with a ferromagnetic ring at each axis pivots, this hall effect sensor have a detection range of around 1mm, the joystick also embed a chip that convert hall effect sensor to analog. The only think that can wear out is the magnet itself, it will loss its "power" with naturally with time, the funny thing about this is that the joystick will work until the hall effect sensors can no more detect the magnets. I understand the cost of these devices now.

PS Vita 2000: use carbon pad with a copper pin running on it, it is a pure analog device. It is really a mechanical wear, these devices are really cheap to manufacture.

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