Retropie configuration and adding games
Hey folks,

So I'm nearing the end of my build (I think I might not suck at this!) and wanted to add some games to my cm3.

I did the same steps as the bench test (connected the screen and battery, plugged into power, turned in) and it boots into a Retropie configuration screen.

So, I plug my usb stick in and nothing happens. No flashing light for the transfer of games (I have all the roms in their respective sub folders in the retropie folder), so I left it alone for 10 minutes, thinking that maybe it was transferring without obvious indication.

Nope, nothing.

So, I figured I'd go straight to the source: I pulled the SD card out, put it into my reader, and connected it to my PC to transfer directly.

But there are no sub folders for roms on the SD card.

So, yeah. Anyone have any ideas? Can I add the folders? Help?

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