Raspberry Pi 3 A+ crammed into a Freeplay zero!
(06-12-2019, 02:04 AM)StomRothchild Wrote: Hi guys, I've been considering the same combo. Quick question. The RetroPie image designed for CM3, are there any concerns using it with a 3 A+ or 3 B+?

Surprisingly, I have not really had any issues that I can think of. The power boost of the 3 A+ over the Zero has been nice TBH.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the A+ :
- the USB port is simply not accessible, unless you do some extra modding.
- the battery life will be reduced since the RPi 3 A+ and B+ draw significantly more power.
- Obviously the PCB will protrude from the cart slot at the top, which makes it slightly more difficult to carry in your pocket (unless you always wear cargo pants/shorts) you will have to open the cart slot a little too.
- although you have more power, you will be limited by your button scheme, unless you add the L2/R2 expansion board that Freeplay sells.

Those are the drawbacks, but I have found ways to work around most of them. A good ftp is a must for transferring games.

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