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Ultimate Pi Zero Thread (Playstation at full speed?)
It look like that there is not fully support m3u when PCSX-ReARMed is running as standalone.

You can play multi disk game by converting them in PBP format using PSX2PSP :
You may not need to do the whole process, I personally stop after convert step and this work fine. Quick note : I am not sure compressed PBP files work with RetroArch.

Take what I am going to say with caution, this can destroy your progress : you can use Retroarch save state on PCSX-ReARMed but reverse not work. PCSX-ReARMed save state are far lighter than Retroarch one. If you want to try (filename given for example) :
- Load a game on PCSX-ReARMed and make a save state, close the emulator.
- Recover RetroArch save state you want to use (Parasite Eve 1.state) from '/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx'.
- Copy files in '/opt/retropie/configs/psx/pcsx/sstates' and rename 'Parasite Eve 1.state' to PCSX-ReARMed save state filename (PE-FR-CD1-PEFRCD1.000).
- Load the game on PCSX-ReARMed, load the save state and save it just after.
Note: On multi disk games, each CD have its own save state.

I have make a program to keep compatibility between Retroarch memcard and PCSX-ReARMed memcard.
When running a game from Retroarch, each game have its own memcard file, this is not the case with PCSX-ReARMed.
Basically it will create a symlink from '/opt/retropie/configs/psx/pcsx/memcards/' to '/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx/GAME.srm' with various check.
Note: memcard is looking to work fine in both direction on my side.

If someone want to test the program :
Before starting any game, you should consider backup all '.srm' files located in '/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx'.

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