Ultimate Pi Zero Thread (Playstation at full speed?)
(07-15-2019, 10:17 PM)sneakypebbles Wrote: How did you guys get the standalone working on your Freeplay zero? When I installed it and tried to run a game on PCSX-ReARMed I just got a black screen.

PCSX-ReARMed is really tricky with the screen resolution, in that it won't actually output anything unless it's set higher than 320x240 the first time. I posted on the RetroPie forums but ended up figuring it out:

EDIT: Got it working! I'm not sure why, but it seems that pcsx-rearmed bases its resolution off whatever the framebuffer is set to in /boot/config.txt and NEVER CHANGES, even if the values for frame buffer change. Before installing pcsx-rearmed, I changed my frame buffer to 640x480. Installed the emulator and got it set up with this guide, then changed it back to 320x240 and all is good again. Smile

So yeah, quite a bit to do, but after that it finds a BIOS and works just fine. Just have to configure your controls.

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