Fit n' finish questions from a new user
Thanks for responding. Don't worry about the screen. I work with these things at my day job and give them a fair amount of abuse. If it breaks it breaks.

I've done some more work since yesterday:
  • Shaved more off the shell and shoulder buttons including rounding off the inner corners of the buttons and the top and bottom hinges. And you're right. I can maybe get the screws marginally tighter without affecting functionality, but I'll call it for now and just use threadlocker fluid.
  • The volume wheel likewise seems to be better after removing material from the bottom and sides. I'm tempted to do more, but maybe will just stop here.
  • I experimented with the Sugru and like the result:
[Image: kitWDSv.jpg]

It's not absolutely perfect, but it's close. I'll go ahead and sugru the top of the USB port and the bottom of the charging port. I'll also sugru to smooth and further cushion the ground down leftover bumps from the screen section of the top shell. That'll provide a softer resting spot for the display and add some friction.
  • On the power slider, I CA glued two extra plastic bits on the bottom and that seems to help:
[Image: 1tbLyY7.jpg]

Hard to see but if you look at the indented portion where the nub was cut off, you can see the extra bits sticking out just a little bit. The idea is that it stops the slider from rotating forward and down without binding inside the assembly. It's pretty clear that the nub held the slider in place and removing it makes the whole thing pretty loose.
  • Roger that on the D-pad. If you have any pictures that demonstrate what you did, they would be very welcome. It's a bit hard to picture where exactly the changes need to be made.
  • And on the bright side, the system is fully functional inside the case. Buttons are operational. D-pad, as mentioned, is pretty mushy. The X and Y buttons are a bit awkward, but I haven't yet cut out and installed the grey plastic caps which I'm sure will help. That will be the very last thing I do.

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