FP Zero only works with NES
(05-02-2019, 07:40 PM)Porcinus Wrote: If the TFT driver is running in DMA mode, it is possible that some emulators that use DMA create a conflict.
In this case the driver freeze and can goes black (white if it is killed), when you try to shutdown the system, since the driver does not respond, the system wait until timeout to kill it.

If you have a WiFi dongle, before the problem happen, you can try to connect thru SSH (user: pi pass:raspberry) and run 'sudo dmesg -w', you will have a realtime output of what is going wrong if a driver is the source of the problem.

Porcinus is correct, EXCEPT that the FPZero should default to the "normal" LCD/TFT driver that doesn't use DMA.

Sharzakwigglebottom, did you switch to a different Freeplay LCD driver? That's under the "Freeplay Change Display Driver" option in the RetroPie menu.
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