Boxy Pixel Aluminum CM3 + Black buttons
I received all the necessary parts in the mail within a day apart (What perfect timing!).

I have assembled 3 Freeplay zeros and 1 CM3 in the past, but I have to say It was SO easy to put this thing together!
It is my first Freeplay of the new generation (not the long clicky X-Y buttons) and i must say i am a fan.

As for the aluminum shell:
It is less for the factor of the pre-built shell (understandably i would not have the tools to mod a Metal shell anyways), but more about how I love the weight of this thing! It is a silly thing but just the extra weight gives me a certain confidence in traveling with this device.

I played with it for about 2 hours and it felt great in the hands. Did not feel it get very warm (as one would think with a full metal shell). The slim back is actually really nice to hold.

It is worth mentioning that it only really holds 1 battery (and 1 battery connector port on PCB. Is this exclusive to the Boxy Pixel boards?). But with the slim back, i could look at making some sort of outer powerbank attachment on the back plate and plug it into the upper charging port for extra long gaming sessions (On the road for 8 hours could get boring quick).

I only had this build complete for 12 hours now so I will need to play with it for a few days to get a better long-term feel.

**I also included a pic beside my first (and original favorite) freeplay CM3 in white with clear-red buttons (and modified pokemon ruby cartridge shell on the back for consistency). Though I still love that look, I'm really loving this metal build. REALLY looking forward to see if Boxy Pixel do release colored anodized shells in the future for the CM3. That would open up tons of possibilities.**

PS: I never really posted in these forums before though i check it daily. I might consider posting more often to show my others builds or etc...

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