Is it worth me loading a new image
(07-15-2019, 10:26 PM)sneakypebbles Wrote: Hey guys, I've had my Freeplay Zero for a while now and am trying to get better performance out of my SNES and PSX games. The image I'm currently using is Freeplay_Zero_17111701. Is it worth me loading a new image or is there not much value to doing so performance wise? Can I do this through updates or is it better just to write to the SD and start again fresh?

Thanks I really appreciate any help I can get Big Grin

The best performance I've gotten out of my Zero is with whatever image is based on RetroPie 4.3. RetroPie 4.4 seems to be a little too taxing on the Zero. My FPZ runs PSX fine, even with the experimental display driver.

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